Even the smallest mechanical issue can evolve into a major nuisance if left unchecked. For your car to run well, it needs to be regularly maintained.  As a full service auto body shop in Faribault, MN, we can handle a variety of different problemsРfrom major collision repair to something as simple as fixing your air conditioning.

Brake repair

Driving with malfunctioning brakes is incredibly dangerous. If you’ve had your car for an extended period of time, it will be a very good idea to check on the health of your brakes. Brakes can suffer from wear and tear– especially if you consistently deal with difficult driving conditions.

Suspension repair

If your vehicle has suffered an accident, the suspension systems may have been jeopardized. With our laser frame measuring system, we can restore your suspension to its pre-accident condition.

A/C Repair

There’s nothing worse than driving in hot weather with a non-working A/C. The truth is that air conditioners require consistent maintenance; otherwise, you can guarantee that they will under perform. We understand the various technical aspects of A/C repair, and we can quickly get it working to 100%.

Tire Pressure Monitor Reset

Since 2008, new cars come with a tire pressure monitoring system already installed. If there is no such system in your vehicle, we can determine the tire pressure of your vehicle. Tires that are under-inflated are a hazard on the road. Under-inflated tires do not run well on the road, are more difficult to control, and are known to overheat and disintegrate when there is too much contact with the road. We can prevent accidents by properly measuring the inflation levels of your tires and ensuring that there is enough pressure.

Starters and Alternators

The source of electricity in your car is the alternator. The alternator powers your battery. The starter is what helps transfer power from the battery to the engine. If your car is experiencing significant problems with starting up, or if you your battery cannot seem to hold a charge, it may be an issue with the starter or alternator.

Battery Replacement

Your car cannot run with a dead battery. A strong battery is absolutely crucial to the health of your vehicle, so we can replace a dead or malfunctioning battery.

Steering Pump Repair

If it’s hard to turn the steering wheel, or if you hear loud noise or feel a vibration while you try to turn it, you may need to repair your steering pump.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. A seemingly inconsequential issue can become a very dangerous and expensive problem if you aren’t careful. Contact us today to diagnose and fix any mechanical issue that you may be having.